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What is SINSO? (Filecoin Layer2)

Health is an important and primary issue for everyone. Especially in these times, this is highlighted. Controlling health data in a smart way is still a knot for the medical system. SINSO is made with the intention of untying the knot. In this article, we will introduce how blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can help grow the medical industry.

What is SINSO?

SINSO, a Layer2 and Infrastructure on the Filecoin Web3.0 Ecosystem, is a Filecoin-based global project for distributed human health data. SINSO intends to create a new world of revolutionary human health data management using storage technology through smart contracts and decentralized storage on the blockchain.

SINSO, as a medical data collector for telemedicine and AI diagnosis, aims to provide good telemedicine and accurate diagnosis service, and then from those medical data, solve a medical problem.

By providing customized medical data template NFTs, SINSO encourages users to be actively involved in the medical data confirmation. Furthermore, SINSO helps users to build up the medical data collection and data asset transformation, as well as stabilize the flow of medical data. SINSO also provides NFT virtual assets connected with physician brands, allowing physicians to practice with complete flexibility.

From all the use above, SINSO’s main intention is to work as an infrastructure for decentralized health. This is divided into 5 main products, which are believed to build SINSO, a powerful decentralized healthcare infrastructure. Below, these products are described.


SINSO products

SINSO provides 5 major products: Getway, DApp Cube, Donors Network, DAC, and Data Land.

SINSO Getway

A Filecoin-based distributed-cache secondary network designed for current usage scenarios such as GameFi, VR, AR, video streaming, and high-speed CDN and DApp response. SINSO Gateway focuses mainly on boosting efficiency, while maintaining decentralization, user data privacy, and security. Individuals and institutions can easily use Filecoin’s storage resources because of SINSO’s valid data upload interface.


This is the middleware of the application. Its module works as a consultant online, an application case of SINSO DApp cube. Featuring big data project components as well as industry communication methods, SINSO DApp Cube allows application developers to create Web 3.0 applications that interface with the Filecoin storage network.

SINSO Donors Network

SINSO Donors Network is a data-driven incentive economy based on a deep profile analysis model and a data-trading middleware technology. It provides incentives to storage miners and other associated contributors by automating the matching of data purchasers. NFTs collect data purchaser resources and give a number of industry data forms, allowing consumers, research institutions, and others to better utilize and monetize data assets.


The SINSO DAC is the technical basis for SINSO community autonomy, and it’s also how the SINSO community is referred to. SINSO DAC’s mission is to create a transparent and equitable value system in which everyone may participate and contribute. Distributed and Decentralized, Autonomous and Automated, Organized and Ordered, Intelligent and Tokenized are all properties of DAC. Smart contracts will operate SINSO DAC, which will be constructed on the FVM Sidechain.

SINSO Data Land

SINSO Data Land is a data management solution that allows users to create and arrange data governance and storage status. It gathers background data from SINSO ecological storage, allowing users to have complete control over their data, as well as an API access for connecting to DApps. It’s a portal that leads to the Metaverse for everyone.


Combining NFT with medical data is a smart way to collect and upgrade medical systems. With the power and the possibilities of blockchain, SINSO helps medical data collection to be easier and faster for all users.

Norah is a big fan of the concept of a cashless economy. She is addicted to discovering and learning about new ideas that can bring convenience to society, both now and in the future. She believes that the crypto and blockchain world is not just a new trend to expertise, but a whole new era to learn and get used to. “Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.” - Kirill Korshikov.

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