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Safe DeFi investing with DEFIYIELD

Decentralized finance has opened up a whole new world of possibilities within the crypto space. DeFi tools such as staking, yield farming, and lending & borrowing are a new way for crypto investors to invest, trade, and earn.

However, with these possibilities, there are also risks involved. And: you can lose your way into all the available DeFi tools and features. That is where DeFiYield.App, an ecosystem built by yield farming experts, comes into the equation, by offering a complete and secure DeFi platform. Learn more in this article!

Complete DeFi Ecosystem

By using DEFIYIELD’S platform, users get access to all kinds of DeFi products. However, the project stands out by also focusing heavily on security. These two solutions are the core of DEFIYIELD’S ecosystem: A complete and secure place for everything related to crypto.

Within the platform, users can also see things like P&L for each individual asset, view info about their NFTs, buy crypto with fiat easily and fast, review an overview of pools they’ve invested in, track investment opportunities, use the Security Toolkit to find out about potential risks and more. These are just some of all the platform features. A lot of these features aren’t available on other platforms, and certainly not combined into one single ecosystem.


Ultimately, DEFIYIELD has two core solutions: a complete DeFi management platform, and a Security Protection Toolkit. Read more about both below.

DeFi Management Platform

DEFIYIELD functions as a DeFi ecosystem. It allows for all kinds of DeFi functionalities into one place:

  • Lending & Borrowing
  • Interest earning
  • Staking
  • Investing
  • Derivatives
  • DEX for swapping
  • Trading
  • Options

Some extra utilities the platform provides is to let users view their entire portfolio, as well as receive a Personalized Risk Assessment.

Security Toolkit

DEFIYIELD’s Security Toolkit is the only tool that provides a complete database of known DeFi hacks. It pairs with the platform’s dashboard to detect potential risks & hacks.

Within the toolkit, a lot of security and safety features are integrated:

  • A security audit database
  • A smart contract scanner
  • An advanced impermanent loss calculator
  • The ‘REKT Database’ (detailed reports on past and present DeFi scams & vulnerabilities that the scams exploited).
  • A timelock contract viewer

DEFIYIELD Security Toolit
DEFIYIELD Security Toolit

While DEFIYIELD functions as a DeFi management app, it also goes the extra mile by notifying its users about risks associated with their DeFi investments. This is being done by alerting users after reviewing the list of contracts that have been approved by the user’s wallet. By identifying these risks and alerting users, DEFIYIELD provides extra utility in terms of DeFi safety.

The DeFi space is fun and exciting for a lot of people. However, with indulging in this world, there are risks involved. It’s important to be aware of these risks and minimize them as much as possible. Safety and security play a big role here. That’s why using a platform such as DEFIYIELD can be a great way for a lot of people to use DeFi smarter and safer. In addition, by functioning as a complete DeFi platform, users have everything in one place, which makes the use of DeFi products more accessible.

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