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An introduction to Gamerse

The Crypto and Gaming industry is absolutely exploding. There are countless new projects entering space. Among the sea of gaming projects, we are seeing some interesting innovations joining the space. Gamerse is one of these exciting innovative Blockchain gaming-related projects.

So what is Gamerse?

Gamerse is a new home for Metaverse and NFT gaming that was first introduced in July 2021.

Gamerse is the LFG (“Looking For Group” / ‘Let’s Flippin Game’) platform for the whole NFT gaming business, and is here for gamers of all colors and shades, regardless of whatever title comes first. It is a social platform that brings gamers together in a single, enjoyable community while also adapting to the latest and most popular trends.

The Gamerse Platform
The Gamerse Platform

Why the Metaverse?

When it comes to gaming and social platforms, the metaverse seems to become essential, especially in the crypto scene. Why do promising projects like Gamerse make the metaverse a significant part of their ecosystem?

According to a recent report from investment firm Grayscale, the number of users joining metaverse platforms (virtual universe) has now increased more than 10 times compared to the beginning of 2020 – a clear demonstration of the potential for growth. explosive growth of this field.

The attraction of the virtual universe is shown right from the VR and AR virtual reality devices – tools that allow users to communicate in the metaverse. Figures from consulting firm IDC show that about 2.2 million devices were shipped globally in the second quarter of 2021 – a jump of 126.8 percent compared to the same period last year. The number of virtual reality device users in the US has also reached about 28.3 million people, and may reach 32.7 million in the next 2 years.

A series of technology companies will move to the metaverse in 2022

Continuing the excitement from the market in 2021, Business Insider commented, 2022 will be the year when each technology company comes in, creating a virtual universe of its own according to their vision. The most typical is the move to change the name, CEO Mark Zuckerberg of Meta also committed a 10 billion USD investment to bring the corporation “to life” in the virtual universe in the coming years.

Not only big companies, but also video game publishers are also expected to have a breakthrough with the metaverse, after witnessing the success of Fortnite and Roblox. Starting as a multiplayer fighting game (Fortnite) and a platform that allows users to design their own games (Roblox), these two names have now “evolved” into multi-feature “virtual playgrounds”, with possibilities such as attending virtual concerts and virtual events.

The above explains how the metaverse is here to stay, and why platforms like Gamerse implement it into their ecosystem. This often goes hand-in-hand with NFTs, as is the case with Gamerse.

NFTs: “Gold Mine” of the metaverse economy

Gamerse $LFG
After the virtual land fever of the past year, digital items (land plots, fashion items, pets) in the metaverse are expected to take off, especially in the form of a unique token (NFT). This trend is becoming more and more exciting with famous brands. Nike recently acquired RTFKT, a unit specializing in virtual shoe design, to bring its branded products to the metaverse in the form of NFT. The Ralph Lauren brand also teamed up with Roblox to launch a limited edition NFT of items created by the legendary designer.

These business opportunities are also the basis for metaverse units to become “hot goods” of interest to investors. The Sandbox – a metaverse platform developed by Animoca Brands, has recently received up to $93 million in the latest funding round, led by the SoftBank giants of billionaire Masayoshi Son.

By implementing both the metaverse and NFTs into their ecosystem, Gamerse is thinking long-term by being part of these fast-growing digital revolutions.

Why Gamerse?

Gamerse creates a whole new way for gamers to exchange and to earn as people will be able to participate in the share-to-earn economy, which is open to gaming influencers as a way to monetize their community and, more importantly, to provide value to it.

Gamerse app
Gamerse app

Social networks

With an easy-to-use UI, Gamerse provides a new approach for people to participate socially. Create groups, community pages, and a customized Discover feed to interact with other users’ material and stay up to date. Direct messaging, the live feed, newly minted NFTs, NFT promos, your NFT drop watchlist, and recent purchases are just a few of the integrated features.

You don’t need to register a separate account to post, add hashtags, and interact with your followers. Simply by sharing content, you may collaborate and grow your audience.

  • Join groups (LFGs): you can form a group or join groups, making and creating allies. This gives an advantage for all members in your groups: as you are all working as a team, you and others will learn new skills and new experiences from each other.
  • Trade gaming skin and NFTs: trading what you have for the one that you want is a way to save time to search for it. Trading with someone is also seen as a way to make friends in the NFT world.
  • Connect with other NFT gamers specific to the game or games you play: in Gamerse, you can choose your playing style by connecting to certain gamers that you want to follow or to join, which means you will have chance to sharpen your playing skill, and make a style to your way of playing.
  • Avatar ecosystem: Create and trade avatar accessories; usually avatar accessories are made by the system, the player himself/herself cannot create it, but in Gamerse, the “magic” is in the players’ hands. Players can create their unique accessories, which can later be traded when needed.

The marketplace will be dynamic and active because of the social atmosphere. It will be a place where people will want to hang out without feeling shut out due to a lack of experience or a confusing user interface. Read more about the Gamerse marketplace below.

Gamerse NFT Marketplace

Gamerse intends to bring all the popular NFT Gaming marketplaces together on a single social platform and provide cross-chain compatibility. All upcoming NFT drops will be visible in the calendar view, keeping the entire community informed.

  • Fixed prices, NFT+fixed price, multi-NFT, and Auction pricing are among the several selling alternatives.
  • NFT Price Oracle: An option for selecting fair-market pricing automatically.
  • NFTs on Flip-Cards: Shows the name, mint date, maker, and price.
  • Swiping-Swap: A swipe function similar to Tinder that helps users discover new NFTs.

Official community pages will also feature a link to their marketplace as well as a list of fresh NFT drops.

LFG Token

Gamerse $LFG
Gamerse has its own coin named $LFG.

The LFG token allows users to take advantage of additional platform features. Using $LFG gives a discount on transaction costs, and the token can be staked for rewards based on how long you keep it. Moon, Venus, and Mars are the three tiers of staking pools. The Moon pool is the most premium, with additional incentives, while the Venus and Mars pools all unlock the rarest avatars that the community can utilize in the Gamerse metaverse.

An additional feature is the LFG Lottery: Every transaction on the site earns you one entry into a weekly lottery.

Similar to previous blockchain DAOs, holders of the $LFG token will have voting rights in some of the platform’s governance decisions. Participants can make governance suggestions for platform enhancements, platform marketing, and so on, and the idea will be financed if there is enough support.

People can purchase LFG tokens directly with fiat currency.


Gamerse’s aim is to become the most user-friendly, open-arms gaming platform available. The entry barrier will be as low as it is for any other modern social media platform. This allows a significantly bigger number of fresh crypto and NFT enthusiasts to enter the market.

Below are some examples of the user-friendliness of the platform:

  • The platform does not require the use of either $LFG or cryptocurrency. Fiat currency is accepted.
  • Your favorite play-to-earn games have exclusive verified LFGs.
  • Purchase skins and/or add your avatar to the Gamerse ecosystem.
  • The live feed and discovery feed will keep you up to date on the NFT gaming economy as it evolves.
  • Create fun, personalized, and surprise swaps with Swipe Swap.
  • Gamerse will soon release an iOS and Android app.

With all the information above, Gamerse is expected to be a successful NFT social platform. Since NFT gaming is booming like never before, along with the heat from blockchain, a platform like Gamerse has every reason to succeed. Currently, the app still has to launch. However, there is a prototype available, which can be found on

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