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Infinite Launch Explained In Video AMA

Infinite Launch is a cross-chain launchpad for disruptive Gamefi & NFT projects. Recently, this launchpad did a Video AMA. Watch the vAMA here. Under the video, you can find more information about the discussed topics & Infinite Launch.

Video AMA with Infinite Launch

In the video below you can watch the Ask Me Anything video with Infinite Launch, hosted by Wesley from BCA investments.

What is discussed?

The following topics/questions are discussed in the Video AMA with Infinite Launch:

  • How it started
  • Do you start focusing on creating community or first bring in the artists?
  • Are you in talks with major actors or artists?
  • Early stage projects can be offered on ILA, how early?
  • Infinite Launch is handpicking projects. How do you deal with this when you have too many projects to choose from?
  • How does the tier system work on ILA?
  • What kind of tasks should the lowest tier do?
  • More on governance
  • If you vote for a project to launch and the project does launch on ILA, are you automatically in?
  • Elaboration on NFT account membership
  • Roadmap: is everything on schedule?
  • Elaboration on liquidity mining

Information about Infinite Launch

Infinite Launch has multi-chain support. This allows exposure to new projects listings on the biggest networks, such as: BSC, ERC 20 etc. Listed Projects will be hand-picked by the Infinite Launch board of members. This way Infinite Launch wants to make sure the project has real investing potential for their community members.

Infinite Launch understands that opportunities should be delivered fairly and efficiently. They ensure everybody has a chance to join accordingly, based on their tier, without gas war. Higher tier will have a chance to buy first. Community members at different tier levels will receive corresponding benefits. The higher the tiers, the more the benefits. By holding ILA, you will be able to have early access and mint new NFTs collection artwork on ERC-721, by world class artists.

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